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Ergastiri Texnis starts its way in the late 60s in Thessaloniki. The first steps in the fields of art framing and art sales, are done by Simos Michailidis, which until 1983 in Thessaloniki, and from 1983 till today in Kavala, presents a long creative course. Collaborations with several known art galleries, the organisation of exhibitions, and the continuing participation to several artistic happenings, mark out the true interest and pure care about art, and artworks.      

In 1997 Ergastiri Texnis takes its new form. Introduces in its staff Giorgos Michailidis. The fields of interest expand into Fine Art Restoration, and Art exhibitions for others or for itself.

Nowadays Ergastiri Texnis organises frequently art exhibitions that take place in its space which is formed every time according to the needs of the circumstance.

Concerning the field of framing, Ergastiri Texnis presents a vast variety of frames, either factory and hand made, from which the most of them come directly from the manufacturing companies local and abroad, resulting the best possible prices in combination with perfect quality. 

In the field of art paintings offers a rich collection of authentic art works, oil paintings, serigraphs, lithographs, gouaches, and xylographs of the most known Greek artists. In addition presents a continually enriching collection of old authentic engravings and maps dating 1500 till 19th century, with subject Greece, Balkans and Asia Minor.

To complete this splendid collection come the art reproductions, manipulated with canvas texture in lamina press, or reprinted on canvas with irregular texturing finishing. A long catalogue of Greek and foreign artist offer an elegant and economic solution for every taste, and space.

In a fully equipped laboratory Ergastiri Texnis runs operations of fine art restoration and conservation for mobile artworks. Provides high quality services, revealing the artistic and historic value of every reliquary.