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Fine Art Restoration

Fine Art Restoration


 Since 1997 Ergastiri Texnis has expanded its activities in fine art restoration and conservation of mobile artworks. After long studies and professional formation in abroad, we created a fully equipped laboratory, where we carry out operations of disinfestations, stabilization, cleaning, relining and everything else is needed for the artwork to be conserved in time, reveal its artistic and historic value.
All the operations are fully documented with photographs initially, during the restoration and in the final stage.
Old icons black from smoke and several varnishes, burned or attacked by insects. Oil painting with tearings, that need to be cleaned, riling or just a surface freshening. Old engravings, maps, documents of historical value, and also paintings on paper or hardboard. Artworks that need some care to turn into artistic heritage. 
The saving and revealing of a relique can be a case for all of as.

Contact with as through the Form Of Restoration Free Estimate, or visit as in our store.

Before restoration

After restoration